Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bretton's Bali Hai Room, 1215 Baltimore, KCMO

Bretton's opened in 1945 and, nine years later, added the Bali Hai room featuring Cantonese dishes. Special drinks were served in a tall ceramic mug with custom lettering by Otagiri Mercantile Company.

Max Bretton and his wife Mary’s place also featured a Main Dinning Room, the Cooper Lounge, the Baltimore Room and the Nasch Table.

Here's a photo taken in 1955 acquired from the Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, Missouri.

And here's what it looks like today.

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  1. Anonymous, again. I just remembered the Bamboo Hut on 40 Hwy in Independence. I don't know how "tiki" it is anymore, but the place is still in business and is worth checking out.